Is This You In Your Business?

Spending all damn day responding to your team’s 157 Slack messages or wearing ALLL the hats - Visionary,  Integrator, Executive Assistant, Coffee-Fetcher...

Trust me, I've been there and I know the pinching frontal-lobe pain of overwhelm *shudder*

If you want to grow and scale your biz to it's full potential, you need to FINALLY step into your Zone of Genius and delegate the rest.

It’s time for you to stop Googling “how to get more leads” or “how to map out a launch plan” (I know, creepy right - did I hack your search engine or what?)  

Spending all damn day responding to your team’s 157 slack messages, or wearing ALLL the hats (Visionary & Integrator) it can get too overwhelming……

Not if you want to grow and scale your biz to its full potential. You need someone who can do the rest….so you can commit to your zone of genius. 


Do you avoid opening your laptop, because you know there is just too much to do, and it feels like everytime you log on, you have to start all over again?

You keep digging yourself a hole trying to set up your own funnel, email automations and dealing with all types of tricky software…
You’re always feeling burnt out working overtime, work-life balance is out the window and you can’t prioritise quality time with friends and family anymore….

Being able to sit back, relax and TRUST that your team is taking care of all the crap that (hey, let’s face it) you’re just SICK of doing. 

Are you ready to let go of the overthinking, stress and finally commit to your zone of genius?

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

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Integrators translate the Vision of the business into practical and actionable steps so as to reverse-engineer the way to success.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

In my time working with numerous Visionaries, there is always one key problem that stands out: they need support and they need it now

This is where the role of the Integrator comes in. Whether that is to help run a proper, strategic launch, clean up the messy & overwhelming back-end or build a funnel from scratch. Integrator Agency provides executive consultancy and hands-on support to ensure that your business is growing in the right direction - and that sh*t is actually getting done.

Let's be real - we can have structure and strategies for DAYS but if we don't implement it, what's the point?

Stop putting things off and let us get it done FOR you.

Ask Yourself This Very Important Question....

“Does my business have the right structure, strategy and organisation to grow and thrive on its own?”

The Visionary Cycle

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Introducing Integrator Agency

A unique blend of executive consultancy and hands-on support. 

As an Executive Integrator with 5+ years of experience engineering high-level strategy with small start ups as well as multi 6 & 7 figure companies, I’ll be working with you closely in executive meetings, leading you through the structure your business requires. 

Together we will break down your big picture visions into step-by-step instructions so you can start making real progress ASAP. 

You will also receive an Implementer who
works with you and the Executive Integrator
to accomplish and actually *do* the things that you’ve been putting off (no judgement here, but I bet you have a seemingly ever growing "ideas" list in your notes app that somehow never receives any attention...) 

Marketing & Operations Funnels Developed From Start to Finish

Average $ Generated Per Client

Businesses Transformed



$39 500+

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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This area can be used for any kind of list. Get creative!

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Want to trial an Integrator?

Get a taste of what an Integrator can do for your business today by booking a 30 Minute Strategy Call. In this session, you’ll get clear on your vision and walk away with an actionable Strategy Plan (designed by me, your Integrator!) so that you have the confidence to go forward and bring your vision to life.

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Why Use Integrators?

My team of Implementers are currently studying various business degrees at university, working part-time with me to build their own skill sets, giving them practical hands-on experiences (due to the lack of entry-level jobs available). 

These Implementers are 100% overseen by their Executive Integrator for quality assurance - no more double checking the work of a dodgy freelancer! Implementers focus on and complete task-oriented work - executing everything we have discussed in our meeting and giving you the confidence to carry out your desired strategies immediately

TLDR; you can FINALLY focus on your zone of genius, becoming the capital-V Visionary you’re ready to be and creating a business that WORKS. FOR. YOU. 

Thomas was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and confused by launching in his online business.

<<<Here is what he has to say about his experience with Integrator Agency

Wait, but what is it you *actually* do?

Social Media Management 

Email Marketing 

Funnel Conceptulisation
& Building

Standardising your business through Systems and Operations Procedures (SOPs)


Project Management

Landing page design


AND, we are the glue that sticks all those parts together! We move seamlessly from task to task knowing that they are all interconnected and work toward a common goal.

FB & IG Ads

Step By Step Process...

Having Me As Your Executive Integrator Means…..

Saying goodbye to long hours & unpaid overtime in your own business - let us take care of it!

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How is Integrator Agency different?

Integrator Agency doesn't operate under your typical agency model. We believe in continuity of care, hands-on-support, and constant communication.

We understand how important and unique your business and needs are, and we tailor our marketing strategies to YOU. No more being passed around from person to person like every other agency. With us, you will only ever deal with your assigned Integrator and Implementor. Period!

Hey there,

I’m Olivia Clare, founder of Integrator Agency.

I’m your lifesaving chaos-coordinator, who is ready to help take your business to the next level.

If you’re here, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and looking for help to get you on the right track…

Great news - I can help you with that :)

My grand vision is to connect Visionaries to Integrators so that they can create more income, impact, and influence. 

Excelling in the business world as a type A individual, obsessed with structure, strategy and organisation, I have served multi 6 & 7 figure Visionaries for the last five years to help them bring their grand visions to life.

In 2021 I founded the Olive Connection Co, a disability education company and The Crystal Vision, a business podcast. Since then, I have found my passion in supporting women in business and sharing my business coaching experience and expertise with 6 and 7 figure companies. 

I was introduced to business at a very young age, with both of my parents owning their own businesses. Although my mum had an artistic business, she REALLY struggled with the ‘businessy stuff’ like invoicing, communicating with clients and being confident in her product. Her business did really well and continues to do so, but she was never able to scale it the way she could have if she had implemented some solid strategy. 

Many years later, I did a double take as I saw a similar problem show up in my field - a wonderful, heart-centred Visionary who was THREE years into business with nothing to show for it

The question I asked myself was: how can I make this more accessible to the people who really need it? I see Visionaries as being soul-led individuals who care so much about *helping* people, that they forget that they’re in business -which is about making MONEY (yes, through solving problems. But the strategy matters too!)

Here’s what my lovely clients had to say….

Meet Your Integrators

Olivia Clare
Head Integrator

Mia Stikoltzik
Marketing Implementor

Aljay Dela Torre
Audio & Video Editor

Amelia Michels
Marketing Implementor

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