Do you want to know the secret to going from being a mouthy bartender to a mouthy millionaire in just over a year? Nicole Hesse, founder of Moneymaking Unicorns, spills the beans in an engaging interview with Olivia Clare on this podcast.

Hesse is a sales strategist and coach who has helped many entrepreneurs create valuable content and brand themselves in an energetically aligned way that attracts potential clients. Her success story is a testament to the power of mindset and taking risks. Hesse stresses the importance of finding one's niche and creating content that resonates with the target audience. She is all about helping businesses meet their needs and build offers that are strategically aligned to meet their goals.

Hesse's experience in planning bartender events led her to create Wonder Retreats, a virtual event that aims to bring the same exclusive, exciting, and sensory experience of real-life events to the online space. The idea is to make virtual events more exciting and visceral so that people can create memorable experiences that they would want to attend again. Wonder Retreats is just one example of how Hesse is able to help businesses create unique experiences that help them stand out from the crowd.

Hesse understands that not everyone is able to manage multiple offers successfully, but she believes that it can be done if the offers are strategically aligned and built up gradually. She explains the concept of "ascension offers" and "enhancement offers" and how they can be used to meet the needs of clients and keep them interested in their personal growth. Hesse emphasizes the importance of having a solid understanding of what your target audience needs and wants, and building your offers around those needs in order to achieve business success.

Wonder Camp is an in-person event that Hesse is organizing in September near Lake Tahoe in Reno, Nevada. The event will focus on the theme of "closing" in sales, social media messages, and pitches. Wonder Camp is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to work on their business while enjoying the summer camp feel and building camaraderie with other business owners. The event is the foundational piece for a broader and bigger live event that is specifically for people who have the Wonder Woman mindset. Wonder Woman is not a gender but a mindset characterized by intentionality and energetic alignment, with a focus on creating real connections that aren't based on flashy materialistic things.

Hesse believes that her clients should have the opportunity to feel that sense of belonging, which is why she is organizing Wonder Camp. The event promises to be an exciting and memorable experience that will help businesses take their sales strategies to the next level. Hesse shares her own journey in the world of online marketing and sales, and her success story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

If you're interested in learning more about Wonder Camp or Moneymaking Unicorns, be sure to check out Nicole Hesse's website for more information. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next mouthy millionaire!


[00:00:00] Intro: Hello and welcome to the Crystal Vision Podcast, where we dive deep into the strategies and energetics of business money and mindset mastery, so as to create the next generation of wildly wealthy. My name is Olivia Claire, and I'm a serial entrepreneur who is obsessed with giving you all of the tools that you need to create your crystal clear vision of success.

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[00:00:54] Olivia Clare: Zero to 1 million in 13 months. Tell me that the title didn't draw you in. I was so drawn to Nicole Cherie, founder of Moneymaking Unicorns and host of Real Unicorns Don't Wear Pants. And I practically begged her to come on the Crystal Vision Podcast so that I could have a chat with her and know whether that's just a click bait title or if it's real.

[00:01:14] And spoiler alert, she has the evidence to back up all of those incredible claims. So Nicole goes really into detail about how she reached that ginormous number in such a short period of time. She is a wealth of knowledge. She's a really cool girl and has such a beautiful and easy way of explaining her process and helping you actually apply that process to the unique magic that lives inside of you.

[00:01:41] Unicorn, if you will, that lives inside of you. So I will not hold you back. Annie longer from listening to the episode. Here is Nicole Cherri. Welcome to the Crystal Vision Podcast. We have Nicole, see, I should have checked this beforehand. Is it Nicole Hesse?

[00:01:59] Nicole Hesse: It's just Hesse. Yeah. Hesse.

[00:02:02] Olivia Clare: Hesse. Okay. Nicole Hesse.

[00:02:05] Um, I am so excited to talk to you today. You are a social selling coach for Unicorn client Attract. Can I love unicorns? Um, I totally off subject, but I was in Amsterdam a few months ago and I was so excited. I went to the Ripley's Museum and there was this photo and it said, um, it's like, you know, do you believe it or not, a group of unicorns is called a blessing.

[00:02:34] And I took a photo cuz I just couldn't believe it. I love it. So I can't wait to talk to you. How are you today? I feel blessed to have you on today and I can't wait to jump.

[00:02:42] Nicole Hesse: It's so funny cuz there was a, there was a time where that was like circulating. There was like some meme about a unicorn group being a blessing and like everybody and their mom sent it to me.

[00:02:53] Olivia Clare: I’m so happy to have you.

[00:02:56] Nicole Hesse: Yeah, of course I did. But I believe that a group of unicorns is definitely a blessing. Right? That's what I call my clients. Yeah. Unicorn clients and they're a blessing for sure.

[00:03:04] Olivia Clare: Oh, I love it. Amazing. Let's just start with you. So social selling coach for unicorn client attraction. So what does that mean exactly?
[00:03:16] How is it that you help people?

[00:03:17] Nicole Hesse: So, um, for what I do, it's really like real attraction marketing. You know, a lot of times you will join a coaching program that tells you that this is attraction marketing and then you get inside and they want you to send out all these dms and do all this outreach and send a million friend requests today.

[00:03:34] Um, but what I do is I help you to create content and really a brand, like a brand, energetically aligned brand that attracts people who would be a great fit to get great results with whatever program, products, or service that you sell.

[00:03:48] Olivia Clare: I love that. I think it's so important. It doesn't feel gimmicky.

[00:03:53] There's so many times when, and you're so right. We see these gurus and they're preach. Just send out 50 emails a day, and I'm thinking, how is that realistic, sustainable for anyone and not just a massive waste of time. You could be building brand equity during that period and getting very clear on who it is that you want to serve rather than just, you know, it's kind of like fitting without any lure, I suppose.

[00:04:19] So, I have a question. I'm just, I can't wait to talk about it because it's, when I looked you up, it's all over your page. It's like everywhere. So mouthy bartender to mouthy millionaire in just 13 months. I wanna talk about the number zero to a million dollars in. Just over a year. Like how, why, what, when, where, who, how did that happen?

[00:04:46] Break it down for us.

[00:04:48] Nicole Hesse: Well, first of all, it's so annoying that it's 13 months and not just a year, because then I can't just say a year. I know. Come on guys. If it would've been like, seriously, 26 days faster.

[00:04:59] Olivia Clare: So close.

[00:05:02] Nicole Hesse: So it makes it for a total mouthful to have to say 13 months every time. But I just, I won't let it go.

[00:05:07] I tried to say a year, but I felt like I was lying. So, um, it was just kind of a crazy jump. I love that. It was a crazy jump. I, um, I knew nothing about the coaching world. I didn't know it existed. Nothing. I, I literally knew nothing. I was a bartender. I got fired, uh, from two bartending jobs in the same month, and I just didn't know what was gonna happen next, right?

[00:05:29] Like, I didn't know what to do with myself. Um, I had one more consulting cons, uh, contract that I was. Finishing up, but then that was it. And it was like, what am I gonna do now? Um, and I was in the process of like opening my own bar, but we were, you know, eight months, 10 months out from that being a reality.
[00:05:48] And I needed to be able to make money in between. And I fell into a Facebook funnel long before I knew what a Facebook funnel was and. I got into this program and this program was actually about Facebook ads and you know, it turns out I'm really bad at Facebook ads. Not good at all. They were hard. They were hard.

[00:06:11] But you know what I was really good at? Yeah. Was getting clients. I was great at getting clients. Um, And so I kept coming into this group and saying, you know, uh, full of these old men who were so great and amazing and helped me with the pixel when I was crying in the middle of the night trying to get my ads to work right for these clients.

[00:06:27] They kept asking me, they said, how did you get all these clients though? You're so bad at this. How did you get these clients? And so I started showing them my social media strategies, which are the same social media strategies that I used in bartender land to help bartenders to build up their followings.

[00:06:43] And so I showed them how I was doing this, and the coach in that program grabbed me and he was like, you should stop doing Facebook ads because you're really bad at them and you should just go be a client attraction coach instead. And I said, I don't know what that is. And so he told me about this whole world with all these giant Facebook groups and all of these, you know, crazy millionaire people.

[00:07:03] And I was like, that's insane. And he was like, you can totally do this. And. Believed him. You know, I believed him and I went all in and I took action. I built a Facebook group. I did my first beta launch. Within, within, within the first four weeks that I opened the group, I sold 20 people in to a 2 97 offer.

[00:07:22] And um, one of the girls in that program, I will never forget her for the rest of my life. Her name was Jasmine and she was 22 years old and she was a copywriter and she was working for an agency. You. And so she was making nothing like $1,200 a month, like barely livable kind of thing, not even livable.

[00:07:41] And she did what I told her to do and she closed 3 3500 client, three to $3,500 clients in a week. It was her fourth week in the program. And so I knew then that I had something that was important, something that was life changing, something. Was really gonna serve people, you know, so I, I went all in. I didn't do that thing that a lot of people do where I, you know, like went and like made sure and went and built a website.

[00:08:11] I didn't do that. I just focused on how I could help people. And I sold my face off eight months in. I had my first six figure month. Um, and then I created a concept called Wonder Retreats where I kind of changed the way that virtual events are. And, um, my first, my first virtual event that I did in this format called Wonder Retreat Format, I made $202,000 in three days, and then eight weeks later I did it again and made $375,000.

[00:08:41] And then eight weeks after that, I did another one and did $343,000. So, I mean, I made that money very quickly in a format that worked really well for me. I just kept going.

[00:08:52] Olivia Clare: That's so, okay. I have so many follow ups. I thought that would answer the question. I can like move on, but now I'm like, Nope. All right.

[00:08:59] We're gonna go down the rabbit hole together. Um, first of all, that's amazing. Such a cool story. And I, I love that you've brought up, you know, you just went in, you just focused on serving people. So often I see people. Like you said, let's write my About me page. Or you know, even focusing on doing a real everyday social media is important, but if that's not where your ideal client is or that's not how you're gonna attract your client, don't be posting to.

[00:09:31] Actually go out and find the clients and help them, and then the rest will just fall into place. And I know this because I did this. I like built out my company structure. I had a strategy. And I didn't stop to think, wait, does anyone actually want what I'm selling? Is this gonna work? Like you just have to focus on getting the clients first.

[00:09:53] So I love that you said that. The next thing that I wanna ask you is having all that money come in so quickly, did that change anything for you? I mean,

[00:10:04] Nicole Hesse: I mean, it changed everything. Yeah. Okay. It's.

[00:10:07] Olivia Clare: Literally everything. Tell us about it. Oh my God, I love it.

[00:10:11] Nicole Hesse: It was so fast. You know, I mean like, think about that.

[00:10:14] It's like most of y'all listening to this probably haven't even dated a dude for that long. You know, it's like 13 months is a very short amount of time. You know, like to think about like where I was like mindset wise and how I was thinking and feeling about myself as a human when I first got this started it.

[00:10:35] You know, I mean, I was just literally trying not to die, right? Like it was like it was building so fast. Like you build the plane in the air and it's like the business structure coming together. All of the clients, um, all of the like, attention from outside sources. I mean, when you start talking about how much money you're making, like you get all of hate mail, you get people, people reaching out to you, like asking you for donations.

[00:10:58] I mean, it was crazy. It was just absolutely crazy. To be in that space where there was so much money coming in. But there was also, I mean, it's not like winning the lotto where you just get free money, right? It's. It's, it's money and clients. It's money and an incredible amount of responsibility. Right? And then like not knowing things of like how to set up tax structures.

[00:11:20] Like, I mean, how do you set up a tax structure for a company that makes a million dollars in the first year? The answer is you don't, like, you just keep serving clients. You just keep focusing on what's working and then circle back to everything, all of the shambles that you left behind. You circle back in your second year and clean up the muscles that you made because it, it just literally was like a, a whirlwind of change and like, who I was as a human, like the core pieces of me, of what I thought was possible, were completely shattered.

[00:11:50] I mean, you just wake up in a completely different life.

[00:11:54] Olivia Clare: Yeah. Wow. And I feel, I mean I, on a much smaller scale, but I have finally, after many years doing this, figured out something that works, which is always like, wow, that's so exciting. It's working. There's momentum there. But I did this before I went overseas, and now I'm finding myself doing it kind of again.

[00:12:19] In a sense of like getting almost scared by all the momentum and all the responsibility, like you said, and oh my God, this is great. This means more money, but it also means I have to hire a new person. I have to do this, I have to do that. So how did you sort of let. The momentum continued to go when there is all that scary stuff happening behind the scenes and not just, you know, wanna put the brakes on or land the plane and say, Hey, let's fix this up as we're going.

[00:12:48] Because like you said, you, like you said, building the plane in the air, we're gonna have to clean this up in 12 months time. What made you decide to do it that way versus I guess maybe listening to your ego and being like, no, no, no, no, no. Let's slow down.

[00:13:05] Nicole Hesse: Yeah, I mean, it was scary. It was scary. Like if you've ever been like, I don't know, like skiing or any, or sledding, like anything where you're moving very quickly and you don't feel like you really have control of it, right?

[00:13:17] There's like a moment where you're like, self-preservation kicks in and they're like, you should stop. This is very dangerous. Right? And in order to keep going with that, you have to be able to hear that moment and let that moment go right. Right. There was that moment where like, I panicked where all of this money was coming in and I like was like literally scrambling to set up bank accounts to hold it.

[00:13:43] You know, like I, it was like money, like overflowing and I, I didn't even, it was like having, having it in your mattress and there's like too much, there's not enough to put it in the mattress anymore. It's too much. I didn't have the systems in place for it. And so it was scary and I felt that that fear that you get around taxes and business and all of those things, um, and also like, you know, desperately looking for an adult.

[00:14:05] Like there, there has to be a grownup somewhere, right? Because it can't be me. I can't be the grownup, right? I had to let that feeling go on by, and I remember it. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and being like, I have a choice right now, is that I can put the plane down, I can go clean up the mess that I've made.

[00:14:26] Or I can keep going and doing what I know is working and continue to serve people and choose to believe that when I get to this next checkpoint, or maybe three checkpoints from here, that the right people will come into play and I will have more information that I have right now because if I'm being really honest with myself, I'm definitely not the person to go and fix this problem because I don't know anything about million dollar tax law.

[00:14:51] So I am not gonna be the person anyways, and I don't know the person, so I might as well keep going and hope that the next person is at the next destination. Right? And they were that again and again and again. The person showed up. It's like that thing where they say like, you know when when the student is ready, the master, the master shows himself or some.
[00:15:14] Right. Like, it was just like that where it was like I had to become the person who was capable of attracting the attention of a CPA that was going to be able to manage this kind of revenue, um, in this kind of growth pattern, right? Like I had to become that person in order for those opportunities to present themselves.

[00:15:33] Olivia Clare: Yeah, and I think that even just that idea of a checkpoint, right? Like there is the, the slope will flatten out eventually. We, we see it all the time. You know, people get stuck, stuck or flat lined, so to speak, at like million dollar months. So you've got ages like before you feel like it's not like you're just gonna keep riding down the slope and it's just gonna be more and more and more and more forever.

[00:15:57] So may as well enjoy the ride. Like take a look at the view while you're skiing, um, because you will have to stop eventually and that's totally fine. So I love just that like idea of acceptance and. Yeah, that someone, someone you will attract, like you'll attract your clients, the right people into your life to help you manage the empire that you're building.

[00:16:17] So I guess I'm curious, I think you speaking about, um, wonder, sorry, wonder World and how that was a different way of doing live events. So I'm just cur like, I I haven't heard about it before. I didn't see it on your page. So tell me about Wonder World.

[00:16:37] Nicole Hesse: So, um, with this concept that I built around the Wonder Retreats was that I was gonna do virtual events in a different way.

[00:16:45] I don't know about you, but in the beginning when I first started this, like, I got invited to speak on a summit, right? Which I had no idea what that was or how that was gonna work, right? You just show up on your zoom and hope for the best. Um, and I went to this summit and it was just like eight hours of torture, like it was terrible.

[00:17:06] I mean, it, it was, it was literally awful. And then I got invited to speak on another one, and I was like, well, I mean, maybe that one was just terrible, like I should do another one. And so I went to the summit. And it was terrible, like again and again and again. Like these events were just awful.

[00:17:24] And I was like, why is this so bad? Like there's just no excuse for it to be this bad. But they are. They're boring and long and torturous and I don't know why anybody does this. And so I thought to myself, I said, well, okay. Like, how can you do it better? Right? And so I was back in bartender land, right? I was the president of the Bartender's Guild.

[00:17:48] I threw bar events all the time. I worked for like billion dollar companies with brands. And so I had like, you know, uh, the, the credit card, the company credit card, and I could do whatever the hell I wanted with these big events, right? So I had a lot of experience with real live events and also real live events for like fun stuff.

[00:18:04] Not like boring ass summits, right? And so I was like, how can I take this experience that I have in bartender land and translate that into virtual events? And so when I built the Wonder Retreat concept, I didn't do it from like virtual summit. Hell, like I did this from the coolest, best bartender party you've ever been to.

[00:18:27] Like in a skyscraper in New York where the, just imagine being in a skyscraper in New York where like all the entire thing is Windows, right? Like all the way around. And it's hosted by a tequila company. And the whole thing is decked out with like, just like super swanky decor, really nice furniture.

[00:18:45] Little Wayne is there, like literally, right? And you're having this amazing concert and there's like the light shows and all this stuff and like there's just free flowing tequila and there's a bartender competition and there's music and it's fun. And like this viness and everyone's dressed up and there's photographers and like this feeling that like you are in the it place.

[00:19:06] Like you are in like this microcosm of a moment that you're gonna remember for the rest of. Those are the kind of events that I got to throw in bartender land and I said, how can I, how can I duplicate this in a virtual context where people are actually excited to be here? Where people are lined up outside, there's a waiting list, you can't get in.

[00:19:26] It's exclusive and you know it has the best music, best food, the best of all of the things. How can I. And so that's what I did with the Wonder Retreat experience is that I made it very visceral. I, I even got like a virtual bartender to come to this event and like, make, and had everybody make cocktails from home and like all these different things to incorporate different elements of sensory, you know, of, of making it real.

[00:19:52] And this was. Very early into like all of the Covid iness. And so we weren't all quite as accustomed to this as we are now. And so it was like bringing in that real aspect into the virtual world so that people could create a memorable experience. It wasn't about selling clients, like honestly, I didn't even really think it was gonna work, you know?

[00:20:12] Like I thought it was gonna be conceptually too, too much for people to get their heads around. I expected maybe 30 people would come to the first. But I sold out, I sold 101 tickets in 10 days. And then when people came to the event, out of those 101 people in there, 34 of them bought my high ticket program.

[00:20:32] Like, I had no intention of that happening. But then I, I mean, the natural thought occurs, right? Like, can I do it again? And so I did, and I've done, and I, I do, I do wonder retreats now consistently, and they're always six figure.

[00:20:49] Olivia Clare: That's amazing. Wow. Okay. I am signing up. Um, I will go and put my email in wherever it needs to go after this.

[00:20:58] Um, so cool.

[00:21:02] Nicole Hesse: The next one is Dr. Seuss themed.

[00:21:04] Olivia Clare: That's so fun. So they all have different themes.

[00:21:08] Nicole Hesse: They all have different themes. The one that I did in December, well as, no, November, the one I did in November was Nightmare before Christmas themed.

[00:21:16] Olivia Clare: Oh, so fun. I love this. And so it's, you just have like, oh, I can't even imagine because I haven't done a summit before.

[00:21:25] I've never attended, but I have attended. Oh, you know, I'm in a, they're all, yeah, I'm in a group coaching, no, not a group coaching program. It's like a, just a program. And they do live events sometimes, and I always put it in my calendar and for some reason it just floats by and I don't attend because I just don't wanna sit there for eight hours and concentrate for that long.

[00:21:48] So I can imagine this is no the answer. Yeah. Amazing. Okay, so I wanna jump in a little bit. Sort of like a different theme, I suppose. So something else that you are on a mission to do is to help coaches actually enjoy, and I love this statement, actually enjoy their empires without the endless launches, by helping them devout develop superpower systems.

[00:22:17] Anyone listening to the show right now knows how obsessed I am with systems structure, but I'm curious. How have systems and structures not only helped you to get to this million dollar level, right? This big number, but actually stay there.

[00:22:33] Nicole Hesse: Yeah. I mean, I will tell you that systems did not get me here.

[00:22:36] Like at all. There was no systems. It was just like literally don't die. Um, but my second million dollars was made 100% from systems, right? It was like I built up this very raw entity that was just, A vibrational energy, you know, that turned into money. And then I asked myself, how can I duplicate this? How can I do it again?

[00:22:59] How can I maintain these things? And so, because in Bartender Lands, I was a consultant, I was a bar consultant for 15 years. I worked for million and billion dollar companies. Um, and so I was really good at systems. And running systems in a bar is a lot harder than running systems online because when you're running systems in a bar, you're dealing.

[00:23:17] Drunk bartenders who are sleeping with each other, like it's a nightmare. You know, you have so many more challenges when it comes to quality control, but when you're running systems online, like everything has like a time and a place and it, it like perfectly goes the way it's supposed to and it's like amazing.

[00:23:35] It's so clean and pretty. And so I built these kind of systems that would give the impression of omnipresence. That was always my. Right is rather than having to be everywhere at once, which is not sustainable, I wanted to create the perception that I was, so I created like a highly developed nurture sequence from my email, right?

[00:23:56] So my email. Like, you'll never, you'll never get out. Once you get in, you never get out. Um, it's forever. This is a lifelong commitment. We always have the running joke. I love it. We have the running joke that if I died today, you would still get two years of emails. Right. So

[00:24:12] Olivia Clare: I love it.

[00:24:14] Nicole Hesse: Yeah. Um, so, you know, we have the email system set up, but everything flows through into everything.

[00:24:21] And I'm like a prolific content creator. I love to create content. I'm good at it. It's something that I, I have gotten so much better over the last couple years and I really thoroughly enjoy it. But it's like every piece of content that I create has multiple dimensions of purpose. You know, when you're in a Facebook group and you're just making a alive like, That thing falls to the bottom of the algorithm and it's just gone and you, it's wasted.

[00:24:44] Right? But we have very specific systems inside of the back of the house business that takes every piece of content that I create and repurpose it through multiple platforms. In a very energetically aligned way so that you're always getting snippets and it's never like a repeat. You're never gonna feel that feeling of like, I've seen this before.

[00:25:01] It's always gonna be re, re-engineered in some different facet so that it keeps the content fresh, but also keeps it so that I don't like, really if, if I didn't want to work and I didn't feel like talking to my clients or whatever, I could do everything that I need to do for my business. Pull all of the profit levers in one hour.

[00:25:23] Olivia Clare: I love it. Yeah, and that is so important because I think sometimes in the coaching space as well, when you're working with one-on-one clients, you can move out of that. I'm a business owner or investor role and into that self-employed role, and it's so important to remember why you did this in the first place, which is likely for more time freedom and location freedom.

[00:25:49] And the other thing that I'm picking up from you is that you are, you're very conscious. You know exactly how many hours you would need to do a day. You know exactly like where the profit is coming from. You know your numbers and that makes sense being a multimillion dollar company. But you don't, you have to start, uh, how, how, what am I trying to say?

[00:26:13] This is one of those moments where I. How do I say this? But a lot of people start and they think, I don't need to know my numbers. I just need to help people. And if you really wanna hit that next level or a higher level, like you have to be really conscious of this stuff. So, I love that and I love how you said as well that it didn't get you there, but it helped you stay there because that is sort of a balance that I see where sometimes I'm like, just go with the momentum.

[00:26:41] Like figure it out later, but also not too much later because you still need to do it at some point. You can't run away from it. So I think that's quite a fine line that you've sort of brought up there.

[00:26:52] Nicole Hesse: Yeah, I mean it's, you have to be, you have to understand what makes money and what doesn’t. Right. If you want to create a sustainable business that actually does continue to help people, you can help people for a short amount of time, only focusing on helping people.

[00:27:09] You can do that until you get tired, right? But once you hit fatigue, you're no good to anybody, right? And so you have to create sustainability and longevity like literally from the start, especially if you're growing fast. But it is understanding which offers are profitable. And I don't just mean making money, I mean like keeping your time right, which offers are profitable and which offers are not.

[00:27:30] Like I know that my signature prof, my signature, uh, program is insanely profitable. It only costs me one hour a week. For me to run my signature program. Right. That's it. Right? It, it, that's, that's all I have in delivery because it's so systemized and it's so like, it's so high touch that we have everything thought of, like every, it, it feels like going to a five star restaurant.

[00:27:56] Like everything has that like touch point where everything is very personalized and we have done such a good job of like reflecting and refining and systemizing all of these. So that it flows through so beautifully that it can scale and maintain its five star quality, right? But it on now, it only costs me one hour of my time because I invested so much time and energy into those systems and that placement that now it runs beautifully.

[00:28:22] And so I know that selling people into that offer is what's best for the business. It keeps the business really healthy. And then if I want to take one-on-one, I can do it. I have the freedom to take as many one-on-one clients as I feel like taking, but I also know that one-on-one clients are not sustainable and they are not profitable.

[00:28:43] They're something that I do out of passion. It's something that I do because I love it. I don't, I don't take one-on-one clients to make money because one-on-one clients don't make me money. My system, my my signature offer does.

[00:28:54] Olivia Clare: Yes. That is powerful. This is a concept that I talk about a lot, which. What we always say, this is what I want.

[00:29:03] I want my business to give me money and freedom and time, but we don't ask what does our business need from us? And that's exactly what you just said. My business needs my super healthy. Super profitable, high ticket offer and I love that. So I'm gonna go back and think, oh, okay. Like what is a healthy offer for my business at this point in time?

[00:29:25] Speaking of offers, I noticed that you have a few, so I was on the Facebook group, I was, I was in your link in bio on Instagram, and I'm used to dealing with complexity, but I was looking, I was like, wow, that's a lot. Like, I was like, oh, where do I start? Like, this is so exciting. There's so much here. And in the space, I often hear people saying, you should only have one offer.

[00:29:50] You should just dial all your energy into one thing or one product. So I'm curious, do you think, like, what's your opinion about that? Because obviously you have a few, and obviously you know how to sell people. So why is it that you have so many offers?

[00:30:06] Nicole Hesse: Okay, so when people say this, you should only have one offer.

[00:30:11] I would hundred percent agree with that for 99%. 99% of people cannot do, cannot do what I did. And, and I know that I've worked with over 2000 clients and I have never seen a client be able to, to manage the, the brain power that it needs in order to run multiple offers like this. But the reason why I'm able to do this is not because I'm super special, it's because I ran multiple bars at the.

[00:30:36] Right. So I was running three bars working 90 hours a week, um, plus running the bartender's Guild, plus had two kids, um, plus had two husbands. It's very complicated. You know, there was a lot of things. So I was managing a lot of things at the same time, and so this is something that my brain has, it's not natural.

[00:30:57] I built it right? I built this, this point. I didn't come out of a nine to five job where I worked one job and then went home and I had my one family. Like that's not how, where my experience was, you know, I was running. Multiple bars at a very high level, um, doing a lot of things at the same time. And so for me, this felt like a very natural step in that progression.

[00:31:17] And the other thing is, is that what you see now? Like don't confuse my two and a half million dollar company with what you should be building when you don't know what you're doing. Right. When I first started, I had one offer, right? I had my signature offer and I built that signature offer up. $150,000 before I made a secondary offer.

[00:31:38] And the secondary offer was an ascension offer because literally people in that program were begging for more of my time, and so I was like, I mean, I'm stupid not to sell them what they want. Right? And so I sold them my, I mean, if they, if they're asking for it, you should sell it to them. And so they asked for it.

[00:31:54] I sold it to them. I built the as exemption offer, right? I, so it was like that, that signature offer. Then layered up the Ascension offer. And then the next offer that I built was an enhancement offer. And most coaches don't know how to do that. They don't know how to build enhancement offers. They don't know what enhancement offers are, and they don't know how they play in, in the ecosystem of their business.

[00:32:15] And so everything that I have built, Feeds into everything else. Nothing is independent and nothing is like left field. Everything shares the same target audience, and it's not outside of my niche, but it is strategically aligned based on what my clients need in order to consistently get results and to keep interested in them in their personal growth.

[00:32:37] Olivia Clare: Yeah, yeah, I figured Usually when I see that and someone who is very successful in the space. Almost always very strategically aligned, and I love the idea of having Ascension offers enhancement offers. I haven't heard that term before. Is that like an upsell or like something that you attach to your main offer?

[00:33:00] Nicole Hesse: So an enhancement offer is something that's designed based on what you learned, okay? So it's like you work with maybe 50 people, a hundred people come through your program and you see a pattern, right? You see that like there's something where like all of these people, like maybe 30, 40% of them want something, right?

[00:33:19] And so they all have this desire and you, it's a result you have. And so you could add that into the program if you wanted. Or you can create a side by side asen, uh, enhancement offer that enriches this component for people who want more. And so my mine is a mindset offer that gives you a daily touchpoint and a weekly coaching call that is only mindset based.

[00:33:41] It is, there's no focus on strategy at all. It is only mindset based. Some people in my signature offer, they just want the strategy. They just wanna get in and do the thing, make their money and good for them. But some people really fall into, they fall in love with that mindset piece, and they just want more of it.

[00:33:57] It's, they don't need it to be successful. They just want it. They have a desire for it. And so I found that a lot of them were going out and buying mindset offers from other coaches. And I was like, this is insane. I'm just gonna offer this, and so I created this adjacent program that is for the people that are in my program.

[00:34:14] Now, everybody that touches Wonder World can buy this mindset offer. It's not designed to create an ascension. It's designed to help enrich any program that you're in, even if it's not mine. It's an enrichment enhancement program that will help you to get better results from any program that you're doing.

[00:34:33] Olivia Clare: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I love it. It's such a, I mean, that takes away the complexity, I hope, for people listening, potentially not, like you said, um, you kind of have to train your brain to, to be able to handle that level. I'm definitely can't imagine running three bars myself. All the other list of things that you had, uh, I got overwhelmed just thinking about that.

[00:34:57] But when you have offers that work together, it means you can sort of split your brain up in a way that you like. So like, oh, I might do a little bit of work on this, or a little bit of work on that, or let's spell up that. But it's all working together to achieve one common goal, and there's a very clear path for the customer.

[00:35:15] That's the other piece that I think is important is, you know, when. Come to you. When they reach you, where is it that they're going, what path is laid out? And like you said, are they sort of getting to a place where they want more? But there's, there's nothing there. So I love Ascension offers for that reason.

[00:35:34] And I, I think the other thing that you said is so important, don't. Confuse what you see today, and we all have to remind ourselves of this with everyone online. What you see today is not where they started. So think back, you know, 12 months, two years, three years, 10 years, and what they would've looked like then.

[00:35:53] It's like that iconic Amazon picture where it's like Amazon, like has spray painted on the cardboard in the office is where they started. So everyone gets to start at a similar spot.

[00:36:08] Nicole Hesse: Um, well, I wanted, I wanted to add this in for, for your visual context to, to help the listeners with this. Okay. So if you've been to a theme park like Disney net, right?

[00:36:17] If you've been to a theme park, everybody walks in the same gate. Right. You, you get your ticket, you go into the same gate, but there's all these different kind of compartmentalized little worlds, right? You have adventure land, you have the future land, you have fantasy land, right? There's all these different worlds, right?

[00:36:36] They're all connected. They have little pathways that lead to each other, and you can go to whatever one you want first, but at the end of the day, your goal is to hit the whole park. And so some people wanna come in and do mindset work first, and so they go to mindset land first. Right. And so that feels really good to them.

[00:36:56] And once they get their mindset dialed in, then they're ready for strategy land. And they take the path and they go over to strategy land and they go to learn all the strategy piece. And then they're like, oh, but I wanna learn about scaling. And they go over to the next piece and it's like, this is scaling land over here.

[00:37:11] Right? So they get to determine their own path. Once you create the foundational. Of your empire, which is what I've done. I've built my entire, my entire all of Wonder World is built out just like a theme park. And I had that in mind from the start, is that I wanted to build out a theme park that had these different kinds of ways of interacting with people at different levels, different frequencies for different needs, but they were all the same type of people.

[00:37:38] The target market of Disneyland is Disneyland target market, right? Even though there's lots of different things for lots of different like sub niches within. That is how I built my entire empire is by thinking. As a theme park that has a monorail that goes all the way around and will take you anywhere you wanna go.

[00:37:56] Olivia Clare: That is so cool.

[00:37:57] Nicole Hesse: And that's really what helped me to mentally stretch to hold that kind of, you know, all those different pieces.

[00:38:02] Olivia Clare: Yeah, that's, I've never ever heard that. So I'm obsessed and. Wanna create my own Olivia land or something along those lines.

[00:38:12] Nicole Hesse: It's fun. It's super fun. Yeah. Like, and you get to ask yourself like what, you know, what kind of treats will be there?

[00:38:17] Like what kind of churro cart is gonna be there and what will be on the t-shirts and what kind of stuffed animals can you win at the games? Right?

[00:38:25] Olivia Clare: Yeah. And all of a sudden, strategy is fun just like that, just because it's a theme park and it, and it gets to be fun. So I, oh my gosh, I love that. I wanna move on.

[00:38:38] I wanna talk about you cuz I feel like you've given so much value. I am gonna go and, and stalk you. I'll just, I'll just say it right now. I will stalk you after this and sign up for everything and get the three years worth of emails and more. Um, but what, what are you currently passionate about, whether it is in life or in business or both?

[00:39:03] Nicole Hesse: So, um, passion wise for me, you. The business took so much of my time, my energy, my thoughts, my feelings, my drive, right? Where I just, I was living, eating, breathing, sleep in Wonder World, right? Because I mean, that's what you do when you're building a multi seven figure company. Like it's, it's all this all the time.

[00:39:25] And so you fall in love with it. You fall in love with the clients. You, you are obsessed with it. And so there becomes this piece where you kind of lose touch with like who you are. Because it becomes part of that identity piece. Um, and that's a good thing. You want it to be part of your identity because ultimately that's how you strengthen and build out the brand piece of that.

[00:39:45] But behind the scenes of this, um, I'm writing a novel that doesn't have anything to do with any of this shit.

[00:39:53] Olivia Clare: Oh, I love that.

[00:39:56] Nicole Hesse: It's like secret and in the closet, you know, it's like, it's something that's mine. Um, that isn't for the clients. It isn't about the clients. It's, you know, it's for me. Um, and so it's taking a really long time as novels do.

[00:40:11] Um, but it is something that I know I will eventually get my shit together and get it out, but that is like my passion project behind the scenes. And it is. A very, um, complex story, which I know is surprising to you at this point, but it is a complex story, um, that follows the soul life journey of Three Souls Through Three, three timelines, right?

[00:40:35] So three timelines of them interlocking and engaging throughout this process. It's loosely based on characters that were like real life people inside of my life. Um, and the experience that I had through relationship, um, through a lot of like, it's, it's a very, it's a very intense novel. So, um, trigger warning and all of the things.

[00:40:53] But, um, it, it's very much about, um, domestic violence and the role that all of those things play. Um, and really like. How the mindset functions and how it evolves through the domestic violence journey, um, in healing and changing all of those things, the, the mindset pieces that you have, um, from the experiences that I had in my real life.

[00:41:14] Olivia Clare: I wanna read it. Please put me on the list for that too. That sounds so good.

[00:41:20] Nicole Hesse: Well, I need data readers to send it through.

[00:41:22] Olivia Clare: No, that's incredible. That's such an interesting concept. And you know, something that a lot of people have to. Experience, unfortunately, in this life. So I'd be curious to hear a spiritual perspective on it as well, which I feel like is sort of what you are, you know, taking us through.

[00:41:42] So, oh, business aside. See, I that, I totally agree with you. Sometimes I'm like business, business, business and I forget that I'm a human as well. Like there's, I should be just chilling or like watching TV maybe once in a while. Um, so I love that. What are you working on? Is there anything special coming up for Wonder World?

[00:42:03] Anything that you are obsessing over at the moment in business specifically, or just letting it sort of be after the crazy few years? I'm sure you've had.

[00:42:13] Nicole Hesse: There's no letting it be. I won't, I can't. I keep it going. We're working on an in-person event right now. We've done a couple trial, like smaller, smaller scale in-person events, right.

[00:42:24] That we're like super high ticket, um, small group of people, and now we're working on something a little bit bigger. Right? And so this is, it's called Wonder Camp and it, I live. I live in Reno, Nevada, which is really close to Lake Tahoe on the west coast of the States. Right. And so there is a beautiful alpine lake here.

[00:42:44] It is just, I mean, like literally one of the top destinations of the world. And so we are going to do Wonder Camp, um, in September this year where people are gonna get to come out and, um, Spend five days in this kind of like, you know, summer camp feel, right? It's like super, like salute your short style summer camp kind of thing.

[00:43:03] So we're gonna do a summer camp that's all about closing, right? So the, the energy behind it is learning how to close and that's, you know, closing on sales calls, closing in the dms, closing on pitches, like just close energy, right? And so everybody's gonna fly out. We're gonna do this event and it's gonna be by the lake and we're gonna have, you know, all.

[00:43:22] All of the summer camp feel to it and that all the camaraderie and that bond building and like that real time where you get to, yes, work on your business, but also like be in the presence and the energy of other people who are working on their business and so that you can feel that feeling of belonging.

[00:43:39] Because that's definitely something that I've struggled with and something I like to, you know, provide for my clients that I don't feel like was provided for me is that feeling of like, camaraderie. Like every program that I joined was just always like, I mean, it's my fault I joined these, like douche bag bro marketing programs.

[00:43:53] And then like, I wonder why everyone's douche bags. It's like, did you see the guy? Like he's definitely gonna attract, do spike pro marketers that you're not gonna like. Um, and so, you know, I mean I have great relationships with a lot of those guys, but it, it, it never gives me that feeling of like, belong.

[00:44:08] And so I want my clients to have that. And so this is a foundational piece because this will become its own little, think of it as like building a new, a new, uh, park, right? Like Disney, it's like Disney, Disney, Paris, right? Like, so it's like there's Disney in Orlando and there's Disney in la but this is like Disney, Paris, like we're building like a whole new one, right?

[00:44:28] Because this is gonna grow into something. Wow. We have this long-term plan where it's gonna like layer up and turn into, you know, something that is bigger, broader, and not just the camping scene. We're gonna have some other pieces in there that, you know, create this live event that is specifically for, you know, I, I don't wanna say female cuz I don't think that it's really about that.

[00:44:48] It's, it's about the Wonder Woman mindset in my world. Wonder Woman is not a gender, right? What I, what I tell, what I tell everybody joining the group is that Wonder Woman is a mindset, not a gender bias. So it's not about being a woman, it's about being someone who's intentional. It's about being someone who, uh, cares about energetic alignment.

[00:45:06] It's. It doesn't matter if you, what gender you are in that it's more about the fact that you're not a bro marketing douche bag. Right. Like I would love for there to be a live event that's not for bro marketing douchebags. It's for people that like are real and Yeah. And wanna like create like real connections that aren't just based on, you know, Lamborghinis and stuff.

[00:45:27] Olivia Clare: Yes. Oh, I love that. I love it. Such good vibes. I just got taken back to. 13 year old me going off to camp. So it sounds like so much fun. And what is Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it. Why don't we do that as adults in the niches that we love? Like, what a good point. I can't, I can't wait to hear more about this and to just keep updated.

[00:45:50] Um, is there, can you share with us some links or, I don't know, places where people can find you? I will put everything in the show notes, but if someone's listening to this and they're like, okay, sign me up for camp. I'm, I'm going out to. Like Tahoe, I think is how you say it. I saw it on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so I I know it's gonna be a good know time.

[00:46:10] Nicole Hesse: You know that House on the Kardashians? Do you know that House on the Kardashians? That was the house that I, that's the house that I hosted the event.

[00:46:18] Olivia Clare: Stop it. See Luxury Wonder Woman Vibes. I love it.
[00:46:25] Nicole Hesse: Yeah, I did one in May and I hosted it at that health.

[00:46:27] Olivia Clare: Was it as nice in real life as it is on the, on the cameras? Or better.

[00:46:34] Nicole Hesse: Yeah. No, it was very, the view is just, I mean, Unbelievable. And when we were there, there was bears and like little baby bears. I mean, you can't, you can't fuck with the bears. The bears, the bears will come after you. But there were little ba like brand new babies and they were like playing in the yard.

[00:46:49] Oh my God. It was the cutest thing ever. But it was, it was absolutely amazing. I had, um, 22 clients flew out and we did, um, we did an in-person wonder retreat event there up in Tahoe. Um, and funny enough, I, I'm a crazy person, but I, um, I did it with my wedding. So I got married that same week, and so we did the Wonder Retreat leading up, and the last day of the Wonder retreat was my wedding.

[00:47:13] Olivia Clare: Oh my goodness. I shouldn't be surprised. I know. I don't think I am. After talking to you for an hour, I'm like, wait. That makes total sense. Congratulations.

[00:47:25] Nicole Hesse: Thank you. Um, but links. Okay. So, um, couple things. You have to join the Facebook group. Facebook group is like the gateway into Disneyland, right? Um, so this is called Unicorn Client Traction Secrets for High Vibe Wonder Women.

[00:47:39] Um, and again, wonder Women is, is a mindset, not a gender bias. So everyone is welcome there. Um, If you wanna check out a very real and raw, um, sometimes too raw podcast, um, my podcast is real Unicorns don't wear pants. Um, and it is fitting like that. That is definitely the theme. You're gonna get all of the behind scenes.

[00:48:01] You're gonna know more about me than you ever care to know for sure. Um, and then I have a free gift for your audience today. Um, if you guys go to nonstop Then that will give you access to my 100, 100 wonderful ways to get more and better

[00:48:18] Olivia Clare: clients. Amazing. I have never had a podcast episode where they came with a free gift for my audience, so thank you for being with us

[00:48:30] Nicole Hesse: Podcast. Hook up the audience.

[00:48:32] Olivia Clare: Yeah. So exciting. I'm gonna go. Look, you'll just see me popping up everywhere. You'll be like, ah, wait, Olivia, there she is. Oh, she just downloaded this. Ah, she's coming to Tahoe. Um, is there anything that I didn't ask you? Anything that you wanna get off your chest or any downloads coming through before we end the show that you just wanted to share with the audience today?

[00:48:55] Nicole Hesse: I always like to wrap up podcasts by reminding people of something so important. No matter what is going on in your life right now, no matter where you are, where you're not, who's there, who's not, um, know that there are people that came from circumstances that were more challenging than yours and like in that space of, you know, chose to think differently.

[00:49:17] We all have that, that opportunity. And like I know that when I was in that place of like the deep, dark, terrible places of, you know, suicide. Depression, anxiety, um, in an abusive relationship. Um, I mean, it was, it was awful. And there was like, I just didn't know there was a way out, you know, like I didn't know.

[00:49:38] I stayed there suffering for 10 years. Like, if you are in that place where you are allowing yourself to suffer, like understand that there is a way out. Like I did all of the things. I, you know, I, I was on meds, I did all the things. I'm diagnosed with all the things. It doesn't have to be that way. I know that doesn't seem possible and, and I get that.

[00:49:57] I wouldn't have believed it back then, but I just wanna plant that seed in. In your mind, you 100% of the time, no matter what is or is not happening in your life, have the ability to choose how you think and feel about yourself. And there's a very specific thought pattern that comes in. And this is something that I wasn't aware of before, but now that I know I can't unknown.

[00:50:17] And so it has helped me so, Is that we all habitually ask ourself a question. It's, it's like on repeat. It's like a, it's just like a, a trailer reel that comes into our head. And so that question spurs a thought. That thought creates a feeling. That feeling leads to an action. Even if that action is laying on the couch all day, that's still an action.

[00:50:38] And then that action becomes a behavior and ultimately dictates your results in your life. So rather than focusing on changing your results, which seems like what you should focus on, don't do. Just change the question. If you change the question that you ask yourself every day, your thoughts will naturally change.

[00:50:56] If your thoughts change, your feelings will change. If your feelings will change, your actions will change. And when your actions change, you create new patterns that cannot help but produce new results. Just change.

[00:51:11] Olivia Clare: Hmm. So powerful. That is exactly what I needed to hear. How did you know? Um, thank you so much for joining us and for sharing everything with me.

[00:51:24] I'm like, I'm here, but the audience as well. Such an amazing episode. I will be stalking you. Everyone who is listening to this and is ready to stalk Nicole links at all of that will be in the show notes. I am speechless. So I was, I came onto this podcast, I was like, oh, I'm tired. Like, no, I'm just super energized, super ready to take on the world.

[00:51:51] Got my Wonder Woman mindset. So thank you so much for that. Really a blessing.

[00:51:57] Nicole Hesse: Yeah, no, so happy to be here. Thank you so much for having me.